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If your nationality does require pre-approved visa to enter Jordan, only you can apply ONLINE. We will not be able to refund any mistaken payment. (اذا كان جواز سفرك يتطلب الحصول على موافقة مسبقة، يجب تقديم طلب التأشيرة الالكتروني لدخول الاراضي الاردنية. حيث أن الرسوم التي تدفع بالخطأ غير مستردة)
If your nationality doesn’t need visa pre-approval in advance, then you can either pay online or onsite (by card):
Single Entry Visa without Application Fee 61.10 GBP
Single Entry Visa 68.80 GBP
Double Entry Visa 99.40 GBP
Multiple Entry Visa 191.10 GBP
Visa Application Fee for Syrian and Palestinian Passport Holders ONLY 7.60 GBP
Commercial Legalisation 63.20 GBP
Personal Legalization(Birth Cert, Police Report,..) 10.20 GBP
Jordanian Passport
Renewal of Jordanian Passport 114.10 GBP
Issuance of Jordanian Passport for Child under (16) 63.20 GBP
Replacement of a damaged or Non-Expired Jordanian Passport 216.00 GBP
Replacement of Lost Jordanian Passport for first time 267.00 GBP
Replacement of Lost Jordanian Passport for second time 521.70 GBP
Issuance of an Emergency Travel Document 110.10 GBP
Temporary Jordanian Passport
Renewal/Issuing for first time Temporary Jordanian Passport valid for 2 Years 216.00 GBP
Issuance/Renewal/replacement of Damaged or Lost Temporary Jordanian Passport valid for 5 Years 419.80 GBP
Other Consular Services
Certificate of Good Conduct 12.20 GBP
Issuance of any Consular Certificates 22.40 GBP
Issuance/Renewal of Jordanian Family Book 4.10 GBP
Replacement of Lost Family Book 10.20 GBP
Issue Consular Cert (شهادات وقائع حيوية ، Birth, Divorce, No impediment Cert,…) 2.10 GBP

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