Emergency Lines

Emergency Lines:

Emergency hotline mobile number activated after working hours: 

(00) 44 744 476 4716       Please note that this number is NOT for visa inquiries, and is dedicated for emergency matters only.

24/7 Emergency number that connects to NITC in Amman:

(00) 44 207 368 4815 

United Kingdom 

  • 999 is the official emergency number for the United Kingdom, but calls are also accepted on the European Union emergency number, All calls are answered by 999 operators, and are always free.
  • National Health Service (NHS): 111can help if you have an urgent medical problem and you’re not sure what to do.


  • There are two emergency numbers in Ireland — 112 and 999.Both are free of charge to call. Call the emergency services by dialling 112 or 999 from a mobile or fixed phone line.


  • Call112 if you have a serious or life-threatening emergency during your stay in Iceland. Calls to this number are free of charge.Ambulance services are not free of charge, so it’s best to only call an ambulance if the patient is not in a fit state to go by car, taxi or bus.

Emergency Contact Information for Jordanian Citizens:

In an emergency involving a Jordanian citizen in the United Kingdom, Ireland & Iceland, you can reach us during normal business hours and after hours, seven days a week, via the main Embassy telephone number: 

(00) 44 207 937 3685 (if dialling after hours, press option 1 for emergencies).