The Consulate can assist you in providing certificates of good conduct. In order for us to contact the involved departments in Jordan to issue a Good Conduct Certificate on your behalf, you will need to provide the following:

Fill in this Application Form, fully and clearly.

or for Jordanian Citizens you can apply online via

We will contact you once we have received the certificate from Jordan. (8-10 weeks), However, this
period depends solely on the approvals of the involved departments in Jordan.
Important Notice
  • The Issuance of a Good Conduct Certificate can take 8-10 weeks, and depends on the approvals of the involved departments in Jordan.
  • You can apply by post: Include a self-address envelope (pre-paid special delivery envelope) for the return of your certificate back once we have received it from Jordan.
  • For post application from Ireland, please enclose an additional £10 in cash as a special delivery return fee.
  • The Embassy is not responsible for any lost documents sent by post.

Contact the Consulate

Payment should be made by CARD Payment only  (NO CASH, NO POSTAL ORDER). This applies if you come in person.

In case you are sending your documents by post, then you have to Pay Online , and make sure to attach the payment receipt with your visa application.

. Visit our contact section for our office hours.

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