Important Notice
Please note that legalising documents from the Jordanian Consular Section only confirms the authenticity of the signature, seal or stamp of the following:

  • ‘The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Jordan
  • The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office Apostille
  • The Arab-British Chamber of Commerce

However, it does NOT confirm the authenticity of the underlying document and does NOT authenticate either the signature on the original document or the content of the original document in any way. The Consular Section reserves all rights to NOT legalise any document in contrary with Jordanian public order and morals.

Commercial Documents:

(eg Commercial invoices, Certificate of Origin, Certificate of incorporation,Commercial agreements, Memorandums of Understanding, etc., including all documents related to non-personal activities)

Commercial Documents have to be certified and legalised by Arab British Chamber of Commerce or authenticated and apostilled by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. The legalisation fee for Commercial Document is £84 per stamp.

Personal Documents:

(eg Birth Certificate, Death Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Educational Documents for purposes other than accreditation from the Ministry of Higher Education of Jordan)

Personal Documents have to be authenticated and apostilled solely by The Foreign and Commonwealth Office. The legalistion fee for Personal Documents is £20 per stamp.

Educational documents issued from an educational institute based in the UK for the purpose of accreditation from the Ministry of Higher Education of Jordan can be legalised from British Council Amman so there is NO need for the Jordanian Consulate legalisation or Foreign and Commonwealth Office legalisation.

All documents issued in Jordan which need to be used in the UK should be legalised from the Jordanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Amman to be able to be legalised by the Jordanian Embassy in London. Legalising such documents is free of charge.

Legalising Power Of Attorney:

An attached Notarial Certificate to the Power of Attorney is required. The Notarial Certificate should contain:

  • A specific reference to the documents behind it.
  • A declaration that power of attorney has been signed in the presence of a UK Notary Public or Practising Solicitor, after being satisfied that the signatory ID is original.
  • In case of signing on behalf of a company, Notarial Certificate should clearly state that the ‘Practising Solicitor’/‘Notary Public’ is satisfied that the signatory has the full authority and the capacity to sign of behalf of the company.
  • Power of Attorney can be a Commercial Document so legalisation fee consequently is £84 when it is related to Business Authorisations. In addition, Power of Attorney can be a Personal Document so legalisation fee consequently is £20 when it is related to Personal Authorisations.
Important Notice

  • Please note that we do NOT legalise any Power of Attorney that contains any kind of authorisation for the purpose of selling lands or properties located outside the borders of “The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan”.
  • Please note that we do NOT legalise any Power of Attorney in contrary with the Jordanian public order and morals.

How to pay Legalisation fees:

Payment should be made by Postal Orders only made payable for Embassy Of Jordan (NO CASH, CARDS). This applies whether you come in person or you send your document by post.

Lodging and collection:

Process takes at least four working days in case of lodging the documents in person. Please note that our opening hours are Monday to Friday from 10:00am – 1:00pm. Collection time is between 2:30 – 4:00pm.

In case of sending documents by post, process takes approximately one week. Please make sure you send a pre-paid self-addressed special delivery envelope for the sufficient weight to enable us to return your documents back by post to you after getting them legalised, otherwise you should collect your document yourself between 2:30-4pm after 4 working days from the receiving date.

Please note that first class envelopes are NOT acceptable for postage and the consulate is NOT responsible for any loss that may happen.

We would strongly recommend you to keep the return special delivery tracking number so you can track your document yourself since the consular section does NOT provide any updates related to delivery.

A photocopy of the document is NOT required.

 Contact us:

For further information please contact Legal Department on:


Page Last Updated: 31/03/2014

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